I was born in Venezuela and recently moved to the US. I became a ceramicist before I knew I was one. I was born to be one, it fulfills me in every possible way.

I took ceramics from my mother, she had a studio at home, but she was never able to work on it, it was a hobby that never happened! It was there for me and my siblings though, and we grew around it.

When I turned 20 it became clear to me that I wanted to develop a career in ceramics. I had become a potter from the moment that studio was settle. Almost 30 years ago. I just hadn’t realized it until then.

I love wheel throwing, but, also enjoy the endless possibilities of hand building. My work clearly shows inspiration drawn from the natural world plants in particular and more recently birds, as well as my taste for color. My palette is the result of 20 years of research for the right tones and textures, I am very proud of it but I am sure it will keep evolving. Just like the work I do. I started working with earthenware but quickly moved to stoneware in which most of the work I did while living in Venezuela was made.

After moving to the US 8 years ago, I decided to try and work with porcelain, given the fact that I was setting a new studio I thought it would be an interesting thing to do. I am loving it, though I'm not sure it is a definitive transition which is fine, I can deal with change, my work is always changing and I love when it happens, I allow it to happen. At the end it is my response to the world around me, a world in constant renewal.