I have been making ceramics since 1992.

I started doing so at home in Venezuela, we had a studio that had belonged to my mother, it was her hobby, but she ended up being too busy for it. So at age 17 I took possession of it, I read a couple of books, and dove into a solo trip but soon realized I needed help, I looked for people I could apprentice locally, then in Caracas and at finally the US. In 1996 I went back home and started to make and sale my work. 

I really enjoy the ceramic process, beginning with the fact that I can do so many different things out of clay, from jewelry to wall pieces, and how versatile it is in terms of shaping from the use of the wheel to building shapes out of slabs, using it liquid to cast molds or simply pressing and pulling with your bare hands. 

After a good number of years I have developed a wide glaze palette, I like to use strong contrasts between colors and textures. My shapes tend to be simple, they are rather canvases for my often intricate glaze application. 

Finally I marvel at how the sum of all these steps transforms inside the kiln, the feel of the fired pieces, the contrast between glazes, the stone like durability of the fired piece, all come together and speak of your unique approach.

Venezuela is a colorful and tropical country, with a vast mid-century modern architectural infrastructure, these three aspects have always inspired my work, and along with my techniques for shaping and glazing make the work what it is,